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How can I make changes to my order from the online portal?

If your trip was shortened, cancelled or you need to add days, the best way is to email the office and we can change it for you.

My password doesn't work, how do I fix it?

Typically this is because the email is incorrect, and it needs to be the one you signed up with. You can email us at We can fix it for you!

How do I be sure my sitter gets the message that I've changed my order?

You can contact the office and we can let the sitter know, or feel free to text them directly if needed.

What does a regular cat visit include?

Cat visits entail a half-hour visit, that included feeding, water refreshing and litter care. Plant watering and mail are at no charge. If you have decks of flowers that need maintenance, that requires more time, you will be billed in increments of 1/2 hour per the $18/half hour cat visit.

What if I need other services for my home?

Cozy Cats and Daily dogs is happy to provide other services, such as picking up extra litter or food. It's billed in increments at $18 per half hour.

Your system asked me about "regular routine" and that's not what we want for service. Can we get what we want?


You can specify what you'd like when you're away when putting your order in.

Your system said to call you as my service is within three days. What does this mean?


The system is automated to send these messages and is no cause for alarm. If you need services within 3 days, we need the time to assign sitters and coordinate, but it's usually fine, unless we inform you otherwise.

Can I have the same sitter?


Our ideal is having the same person, each time, for continuity with your pet. For multiple visits per day, sometimes we need to split the shifts between sitters.


What does a typical overnight entail?


Overnights mean the sitter arrives at 5-7 p.m. and takes the dog for a walk or checks in for cat care. Dogs will be taken out before bedtime, and again in the morning. Additional walks during the day are the standard charge. Cat care includes feeding, watering, and cleaning litter. Medications are included in the overnight charge.

Can I have my keys back?


In general, we keep keys on file for future services. In the event that you need them back, we can leave them at one of two locations:

UPS Store: Box 189 – 5315 N Clark St.  60640


UPS Store: Box 300 – 40 E Chicago Ave  60611

Please ask the UPS in-store staff to leave or pick up keys. For store hours please check store website links.


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