Because of today's mounting stresses, pets are now more than ever an important part of our lives. And we at Cozy Cats and Daily Dogs are here to help you keep your pets happy and healthy.

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Your pets are your babies, and we know how to baby them! We've served clients in Chicago for over 15 years and have been active members in numerous pet organizations. We have learned to listen to the most important people in the business-you, our clients. We believe that every pet owner deserves a prompt response (within 24 hours), and outstanding service - service that more than satisfies-often even surprises!

At Cozy Cats and Daily Dogs we work largely by referral. The pet business is our passion, and we constantly strive to learn new pet care solutions for all clients. If you have a pet question - whether it involves finding a stray, decisions on the end of life, pet care resources, or product inquiries - please call us first. We have many contacts that you may need, and we're more than pleased to share them!

Call us now. Your pet wants you to!